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strike a pose

The track takes a personal message and expands it to comment on the world we live in today, shining a light on the need for women to be empowered in a world that does not always welcome reason, in-depth thoughts or opinions.

With its proud and defiant take on indie-infused electropop, Strike A Pose shows that the Like Swimming have matured as a band and as people, making their return to the music scene a welcome one.

Analogue Trash

the ground

A socially and historically-aware song tackling white privilege with passion and accuracy, “The Ground” makes it a point to acknowledge, respect, and understand who we all are and how we each got here.

Atwood Magazine

save me

I wrote this song feeling how my country, my continent, my world is losing itself, with all the national populist and right wing parties in Europe and with Trump in the US winning elections. It’s an elegy of democracy.

Claes Carlström

dead but dancing

Dead but dancing is actually one of our happier songs. It’s a way of finding comfort in a bizarre existence, with a little help of Kafka and Camus. As soon as we are born, it follows that we are also dead. But still, knowing this, we can’t stop dancing. There’s something beautiful in that.

Claes Carlström


Taking inspiration from The ballad of a thin man, this is my way to find resistance against power. I guess this is my hope for us growing from underneath and making a change.

Claes Carlström

fire on the field

Fire on the field is a battle song. This is the scene in the science fiction movie where the oppressed masses revolt against the elitist dictatorship. But I think we also see this all around us nowadays, in movements like Black Lives Matters and Me Too for example.

Claes Carlström


I will swallow you. Eat you whole. And i will grind my teeth on your soul.

These lips were born to break you down. Down to the bone. And turn your tiny heart into stone.

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Would you comfort me, as if I would've comforted you? Would you comfort me, before you leave?

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with a heart

All my thoughts, desires, lust, my anger, hurts, depressive mood swings, doubts and self belittlements of all my dreams, my hope, my beaming smiles, my open lies (I'm fine) my heart, my feet, my soul, my whole is yours.

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here we stand

Oh I know, we could fall, so easily...

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equal of the gods

Sweat break out; a shiver shakes me deep deep down; as pale as sound. An equal of the dying I seem.

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You come, packing with guns of pertinence. A fortress of roses and eloquence.

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